Embarking as an individual into the counseling process can be a harrowing experience, full of unknowns.

My first goal in individual counseling will simply be to provide for you a sense of safety, clarity, connection, and direction.  As we move forward, our focus will become the reasons you sought out counseling, so that we can begin to engage and disempower the struggles you are facing, while creating a path towards the future you are longing for.

In individual therapy, I employ a conversational style of counseling that hopefully allows each of us to be our most natural selves.  I use a variety of therapeutic strategies including relational, existential, narrative, cognitive-behavioral, and analytic.  To put it in everyday language: I’m going to use whatever training I have to do my very best to support you as you seek a thriving life.  I am a Nashville, Tennessee therapist dedicated to serving the people and city I love through my passion of working with individuals on their journey of healing and wholeness.

Through individual counseling, I strive to help my clients to uncover, tell, and then re-cast their life story in a way that frees them to understand, to grieve, and to move forward with unprecedented strength and confidence.  In my therapy goals for individuals, I want more for you than relief of your distress.  I want your relationships to thrive.  I want you to experience loving and being loved in far more abundant ways.  And I want you to find the freedom of living “all in”, with passion and power.

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