Nothing in life provides as many rewards and as many challenges as being coupled. 

Whether you’re dating, engaged, or married, being in a relationship with another is both the source of great fulfillment—the answer to something we long for—and the cause of great struggle.  Of course, sometimes we experience more conflict than connection.  Couples counseling is a forum for learning skills that disempower conflict and catalyze connection, intimacy, and mutual fulfillment.

I believe that loving, empowering relationships don’t just happen.  Being connected to another person is more daily practice than fortuitous luck or serendipitous gift.  This means that both partners must learn and practice skills that support it.

For couples, communication skills are foremost among those that must be developed.  In order for relationships to succeed, couples must learn to speak their truth adeptly, honestly, and with care.  This is challenging!  And because it’s challenging, many of us feel inadequate at our attempts both to express ourselves and to understand our partners.  But with practice, partners can learn to communicate in a way that transforms their relationship.

In couples counseling, I am passionate about helping clients heal and grow in their connection and enjoyment of one another.  I want couples to feel confident and competent in their ability to love and care for each other.  And I want your relationships to have the vibrancy and fulfillment you long for.

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