Divorce is a confounding end to what once was full of hope and promise.  It often feels tragic, disappointing, and confusing.  Or it brings a strange relief, because it closes the book on a season of struggle and frustration.  Which is to say, divorce is full of mixed, disorienting emotions.  It’s often made all the more challenging by the unwelcomed and self-defeating thoughts that can accompany it, such as:

  • I failed
  • I am unloveable
  • I’m too complicated
  • I’m overbearing
  • I am now damaged goods

Add in the logistics of learning how to manage and survive life as a single person again—or as a single parent for the first time—and divorce can seem overwhelming.

But as challenging as it is, divorce counseling can also help us find in it an opportunity to learn to live in a new, powerful, life-giving way.  This means learning how to forgive, how to trust another, and how to believe in love again.  It means learning how to engage the future with hope and confidence.  Divorce is a storm, but embracing these possibilities with the help of a divorce counselor is like quieting the winds and charting a course towards new waters.

A recent article noted that while the divorce rate continues to hover around the 50% mark, Tennessee, and specifically Nashville, has a higher than average divorce rate.  The particulars regarding why Nashville has a higher incidence are not known, but it is an intriguing statistic given that Nashville has a strong Christian influence and its population has an above average education per capita.

In divorce counseling, my focus will be to help you discover the most resourceful ways of walking out your divorce.  We will also focus on the pragmatic side of things, such as learning how to set boundaries with your ex, how to co-parent, and how to create a healthy support system.

We will also focus on peeling back the layers of what contributed to the breakdown of your marriage while forging a fresh vision for the future you desire.  In divorce counseling, we will engage the loss of what was, confront the disappointment that still is, and walk confidently towards the future that can be.