Loving and enjoying your full-time occupation is a pipe-dream and laughable postulation for most people.  And yet, study after study is proving that the most productive, happy, and fulfilled people, are those that are employed in a career they love and enjoy.

How do you find a career that is more enjoyable and fulfilling?  Well, if you are reading this web page, you are probably all too familiar with the risk, difficulty, and time it takes to discover the talent within you and the place and type of employment that best complements and enhances your skills.  Career counseling can be an effective aid in the process of more thoroughly enjoying the profession you currently have, or discovering a career that better suits your skills and gifts.

As we become more alive and confident in our personal strengths, we may find new possibilities for effectiveness and determination, heretofore, never dreamed imaginable.  I work well with individuals who are struggling to find their purpose or motivation at their current job.  It is a scary proposition to consider changing or actually searching for a fulfilling occupation.  It is also quite draining to work alongside colleagues or for bosses where conflict is more familiar than tranquility.

We devote a large percentage of our waking lives at our job or engaged in occupational duties.  Whether you are unfulfilled in your type of work, or you are having difficulty with a co-worker or boss, career counseling can be a safe and exploratory place to begin the conversation of finding a new career, or simply a more effective way of dealing with current workplace conflict.

I am a therapist in Nashville, TN who enjoys helping people find their passion through career counseling work and would love the opportunity to speak with you about these concerns, or any others that you might have.

An article by Chris Roberts: Why Career Counseling in Nashville, TN?